Venkata R Chaganti

Our entire idea of developing this website and the scientific works that we are doing is to understand and get benefited from the Vēdas and make the world use the best of it. To prove to the world that Vēdas are given by God and not the work of an illiterate. We understand that in the typical world we exist, we (India) were dominated by some forces which introduced the foreign education in India and succeeded in eliminating to a greater extent the Vēdic education and also succeeded in inducing wrong ideas about Vēdas into our minds. It is sad that we were told about our own heritage to us and the world in a very wrong way and forced us to believe that Vēdas were writings of some vagabonds and senseless persons and also that these writings are no older than 6000 years. Maharshi Dayananda Saraswathi has given us an account of the time of Vēdas (1,972,949,116 years) coming into the world and the age of earth in his writings in Vēda Bhasyam. We have incorporated the same in our works section with more detailed explanation and comparing it with that of modern methods and their deficiencies.

We are working on several of Vēda mantras related to today’s science and trying to get benefit to the universe. Our works contain ideas about everything from atoms and subatomic particles to Sun and Stars. We are scientific people and we are dedicated to prove the matter in Vēdas in terms of modern science and provide the scientific world with more gems to their crown. For example the “Yagna” we perform is described in Vēdas as a pure act that humans must do. So we are scientifically investigating the process of Yagna and the results of it. The process of Yagna and its benefit along with scientific ideas will be described in the works section of this website. In a similar manner we are investigating many of the scientific descriptions given in Vēdas and we will be incorporating the descriptions given in Vēdas and Sastras in the work section along with scientific explanations where necessary.

Our request to the readers is that if you have any questions regarding this website or Vēdas you may please send us emails given in the contact section. We will try our level best to clarify them. Similarly if any reader has parallel ideas with us and want to share, we heart fully welcome them.

We believe in Vēdas and God. We understand from Vēda mantras that God cannot and will not take human or any other form. We believe that God is omnipotent and ubiquitous.  

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